Payment methods

Payment methods TheHEROMall Online Store accepts the following payment methods:

Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB, Visa Electron, rechargeable debit cards, Maestro-enabled ATMs. Your card will be debited when your order is shipped.

PayPal: for easy online purchases, without needing to enter your credit card information into the site. Your account will be debited with your order is submitted. To create a new PayPal account, go to

VAT and receipts

Purchases from TheHEROMall Online Store are for end customers only. Prices include VAT. TheHEROMall Online Store issues a receipt for every order. Please note: once an order has been confirmed, it will not be possible to modify the information you have provided or to issue a new sales document.

Secure payments

Thanks to secure server certificates and the adoption of the most advanced coding systems (SSL), every purchase on TheHEROMall Online Store is made as securely as possible. We only use protected connections, as indicated by the “https” prefix and the padlock symbol visible in the browser web address bar.

To protect your credit card purchases, you will be asked to insert the CVV code for each order. As an additional security measure, your card issuer may request payment authorisation through the use of a temporary security code or an SMS code or another authentication method.

Our Payments department conducts anti-fraud checks prior to approving transactions. To ensure you are fully protected, they may contact you for further information before confirming your order.

Printing the invoice

You will find a copy of your invoice in your account.

It is not, however, possible to modify any of the information given during the order process in any way or to subsequently issue a new invoice. This is because our system is fully automated.